A dream is what your heart makes, what you desire. My dream is to be a geologist, that is simply what I admire. I love learning about things that happen to our planet. But for me to do that I have to do well in Geography GCSE. It's a lot to do to achieve such a dream. It's a lot harder than it seems. But I'm holding faith, like a flowing stream. You must do your best, I must thrive. I must achieve my greater potential, I will strive. I want to see the world, and go to different places. Along the way I will fight on to my dream, and see different faces. I want to venture to LA where it is hot and sunny every day. I want to live in a flat, with my closest friend. I want to see what the world has to offer in nature. And retrace the footsteps of my inspirer. So this is my future, my dream. I will hold onto faith and passion. I will hold onto both as I venture down the stream. This is about me and my future. I will achieve if I believe.

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