Merlin with chasing flags needs a pot to cook with flames of smoking hedges and burning logs and hanging wet clothing to dry. The fire lit without being seen at night in the blackness of sky, no torches nor hanging lights. They can’t see where they are going or walking in stillness.
Holding swords they came fighting in the shielded arms riding on horsebacks holding a fishing rod to catch supper, holding a robe to fling overboard to drench muddy boots to be defeated by evil with mystical powers that came very strong holding a magic sword.
The dawn of time when magic came alive
Samba, crumbs, swordfish, Cuba and cabbage
He lived with fairies surrounded by forest. Crowded spaces through midnight castles and ruins a daylight quest with holy fires foul smells of powerful creatures.
Samba, Zamba, cubist, cramps,
Dancing around fires I heard screams in the thickets of haunted woods as Merlin crept and the goddess closed and locked the shuttered light with a flaming torch in hand.

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